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Fancy harness ECO

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Mix and Match colors to build your own unique, special one of the kind custom harness for your dog.

Made of recycled polyester, this product is eco friendly

This harness is designed in a figure 8 style, made to be as non-slip as possible..

Velour material is used on the inside to prevent hair breakage and as a cushioning material to gently protect your dog.

All harnesses will have pet’s names embroidered.


1)Choose 2 colors from the catalog above (1 ~ 35) for your harness. Between the 2 choices, please pick which color for the name tag. 

2)Choose the alphabet (A ~ S) of the color embroidery thread for the name.

3)Choose the text style of your pet’s name.

4)Your pet’s name.  

*Please note that special characters (ö, ǎ, etc.) require hand-stitching and will be charged separately.