About us

It all started in 2016, when CEO of Söt tass, who was a student at the time, designed and made collars and leashes for her precious and beloved dogs.

As she lived with the dogs, she received their never-ending/unconditional love from the animals and learned a lot from them, while at the same time witnessing the sad state of animals in the world.

Over the years, we have gained experience and trusted teammates, and in 2019, we began a new chapter in our history as the ethical brand "Söt tass".

An ethical brand is one that takes into consideration all people, animals, and the planet involved in its production.

Söt tass sincerely wishes for the happiness and coexistence of all animals on the earth.

We have been and will continue to ask what we can do to become a bridge between animals and business, and also what branding is not about immediate profits, but about branding that will lead to the future, 10 to 20 years down the road.

Since the launch of our brand, we have always taken the environment into consideration and have chosen to use paper instead of plastics for packaging as much as possible.

We also avoid the use of animal materials such as leather, fur, etc., from the viewpoint of animal protection. We offer products that are comfortable for you and your dog, and that will make your time with your dog more enjoyable.

We use Söt tass original tear-shaped tags on all our products. We live on the basis of many lives, and we hope that we will never forget the tears of animals sacrificed in the course of our lives.

A portion of the revenue is donated to a non-profit organization called Shiawase no tane tachi every month.

They act as a last resort to save the lives of animals at the Okayama Prefectural Animal Protection Center. We hope that Söt tass products will help people learn about the reality of shelter dogs and other animals and they are waiting for their forever-home at public health centers throughout Japan.

Söt tass is a Swedish word that means "sweet" in English, and can be used to describe a sweetheart or a child. tass is also used to describe the paws of animals with paw pads, which can be translated to human hands. The word "tass" is also used for a human hand.

We hope to repay all the animals we love with our handiwork, which is filled with love. We are not ashamed of our name, and all of our members are living their lives in their own way, shining brightly.

We hope that the products designed/created by Söt tass will make your days with your dog richer and brighter.