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USA ribbon rope lease

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Mix and Match colors/patterns to build your own unique, special one of the kind custom leash for your dog.

You can pick not only the color for the rope but the tag attached to the leash to make it more special and unique!

The length of this leash is about 1.2 meters from top to bottom and the width of the rope is 1.0 cm. 

*The width of the handle depends on which USA ribbon you would like to use. (If you would like to use either 20mm or 25mm width USA ribbon, the width of the handle will be 25mm. )

S size:Small breeds (up to 10kg) 

M size:Medium to Large breeds (10kg〜)

USA ribbon rope leash would definitely go great with USA ribbon collar, Fancy collar, Fancy harness or anything! 

One of the things that we love about this rope leash is that the handle has a detachable buckle! You can use this lease as a cafe leash or it can be used to prevent jumping out of pet’s carts or car rides.


1)Choose the number/alphabet of the USA ribbon you would like. (Please note that specific patterns only come in certain widths.)

2)Choose the color number (1 ~ 35) of the plain tag. (Please refer to page 12 in the above section.)

3)Choose the number (1 ~ 5) of the rope.

4)Choose the alphabet (a ~ g) of the tassel.

*Please note that these items usually take about 2 - 3 weeks to create.