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USA ribbon collars

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Mix and Match colors to build your own unique, special one of the kind custom collar for your dog.

USA ribbon collars are available in 20mm(0.8inch), 25mm(1.0inch) and 38mm(1.5inch) width.

Please select the desired shape of the collar, either Martingale or Buckle type.

*20mm(0.8inch) has only Buckle type, M38mm(1.5inch) has only Martingale type.

Please see the size chart on page 9 in the above section for more details. 


If you would like to purchase a matching leash, please go to the page for USA ribbon rope leash.


*in the description box below

1)Choose the number/alphabet of the USA ribbon you would like. (Please note that specific patterns only come in certain widths.)


2)Choose the color number (1 ~ 35) of the name tag.

3)Choose the alphabet (A ~ S) of the color embroidery thread for the name.

4)Your pet’s name.  (For cursive text, we recommend that only the first letter be capitalized in writing style.)

5)Choose the text style of your pet’s name.

6)Choose the desired shape of the collar, either Martingale(Half-choke) or Buckle type.

Please note that Custom made orders usually take about 30 - 40 working days to create.