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Söt tass Classy

Petal leash

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If you are the type of a person who likes natural, casual but classic looks, this is for you!

The shape of this leash is so unique, and the handle is made of pure wood and the leash is made of vegan leather. 

If you are looking for a matching treat pouch, please go to Treats pouch for more details.

The length of the leash is about 1.2m.

Available in 2 sizes, please check the below for more info.

S/M size:Leash width is about 1.5mm (0.6inch)

L   size:Leash width is about 2.0mm (0.8inch)

*Please choose a leash width based on your pet’s size.

Please note that this item usually takes about 3 - 7 working days to create.