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My bestie Candle

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candle shape
add second dog
add a small favorite stuffed animal or other small item

If you would like to enjoy the gentle candlelight and the pictures of your dog, this item is perfect for you!

Candles are botanical candles made of soy wax, which is made from soybean oil.

Compared to petroleum-based paraffin wax, soy wax, which is made by hydrogenating soybean oil, is highly biodegradable and contains no toxic substances, so there is less risk of allergies, making it a very environmentally friendly and dog-friendly candle.

It is said that 100% pure soy wax has the ability to purify the air by reducing impurities in the air when lit and burning.

Candles are available in pear or tube shapes.

*For those who want to add multiple dogs*

・The second dog is + 2,500 JPY.

・The third dog will be +2000 JPY.

・Please contact us after the fourth dog.

・If you would like to add a small favorite stuffed animal or other small item, +1500 JPY (character items that violate copyright are not acceptable.)


1)Please send us a DM on Instagram or an email ( with the photo you would like to have converted to a plate after completing the procedures on this page.

2)Please be sure to include your order confirmation number or your full name when you send us your photo.

3)Please make sure that all parts of the face (including the ears) are clearly visible in the photo. We would appreciate it if you could add a few words about your dog's characteristics.

4)Please be sure to include your pet’s name if you would like to add.

*The ribbon wrapped around the glass is usually purple, but If you would like a green or red ribbon, please specify in the description box below. (Please understand that depending on the time of year, we may not be able to meet your request due to out-of-stock conditions, etc.)

*The color of the background will be subdued colors, but please let us know in the description box below if you have a preference for pink, blue, brown, etc. (Please understand that we may not be able to meet your request.)