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Söt tass Classy

Extra Söt tass blanket

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If you are looking for a blanket that is gentle for both animals and the earth, this blanket is for you! It is made of 100% organic cotton and also you can put your pet’s name on it.

You can use this blanket as a cafe mat, put it in your crate, or so many ways.

Blankets are available in Navy blue, Beige, Mint green and Baby pink.


size: 80×100㎝(31×39inch)



*in the description box below

1)Your pet’s name.  (*Please note that special characters such as ö, ǎ, etc.. can not be embroidered for this item.)

2)Choose the alphabet (A ~ S) of the color embroidery thread for the name.

3)Choose the text style of your pet’s name.

*Multiple names can be embroidered. Please go to a separate page for the second and subsequent names.

*Please note that this item usually takes 3 - 7 working days to create. If you order a personalized blanket, it will take about 30 working days to create.