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Söt tass Classy

phone number embroidery choker

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Personalized choker with pet’s name and your phone number.

It is very light, simple, and comfortable for your pets for daily use!


*in the description box below

1)Choose the color number (1 ~ 35) of the choker.

2)Choose the alphabet (A ~ S) of the color embroidery thread for the name.

3)Choose the text style of your pet’s name. 

4)Your pet’s name. 

5)Your phone number.

*Only 15mm(0.6inch) width and buckle style are available.

*Please note that Custom made orders usually take about 30 - 40 working days to create.


The dogs that Söt tass owner and staff take in are dogs that have been rescued from animal welfare centers (public health centers).

Rarely an owner brings in a dog, the reason most of the dogs are placed in our care is because they are strays.

After the one-week notification period, some prefectures immediately uthenize the dogs.

In order to protect our precious dogs, we want to use chokers, which are lighter and easier to use than collars, on a regular basis!

We made this choker with this wish in mind.

The embroidery on the choker prevents it from falling off the collar like a phone number plate.